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                                              2018 BBA Executive Board

Name Position E-Mail
Paul Bishop President
Travis Oliver Vice-President, GBL/ GRABB All Star Coordinator
Tim Riehle Treasurer, Scheduler
Bob Blanz Secretary
Rhonda Fowler Officer/ Website Coordinator


2018 BBA Board Members

Name                                                           Email  

Paul Bishop, Boys 15/18 League Director

Bob Blanz, Boys 13/14 League Director

Wendell Charles, G 11/13 (2nd) & B 11/12 LD (2nd)

Ben Dehnke, Boys 7/8 League Director

Rhonda Fowler, Girls 13/18 League Director

Marti Hamilton, Boys 11/12 League Director

Dennis Hopf, Boys 15/18 League Director (2nd)

Michael Milliner, Boys 9/10 League Director

Travis Oliver, GBL/GRABB Coordinator

Don Presley, Girls 9/10 League Director

Charlie Ray, Girls 11/13 League Director

Tim Riehle, Treasurer/Scheduler

Micah Robinson, COED League Director

Dewitt Walker, Boys 9/10 League Director (2nd)