Practice/Games/Uniform Info

UpdatedThursday October 24, 2019 byRhonda Fowler.

Practice begins Monday, October 21.  

Games will begin on Saturday, November 9.

Please contact Marti Hamilton at regarding uniforms.  Uniforms have been ordered.  Each team's uniform order will be shipped to the Head Coach who will be responsible for distributing them to the players.

Please note that not all players will get their preferred number.  Priority for numbers is given to those players with existing jerseys.  If you are ordering a new jersey then your number may be changed without notice due to: a. another player on the team has that number; b. the number you requested is invalid (for example, no digit in the number can be 6,7,8, or 9).  This requirement was stated in the registration form; however, many players requested these numbers anyway.  We try to give each player their first or second choice of number; however, many numbers are popular requests so that is not always possible.

Contact your Coach or League Director if you have any questions.