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Player Skills Assessment

Saturday October 14 - Snellville United Methodist Church

Updated Monday October 16, 2017 by Rhonda Fowler.

Player Assessments will be on Saturday, October 14 at Snellville United Methodist Church.  Please plan for your player to be present only during their League's assigned time.  While your player will not be trying out during the entire time period it is important that they are there during this time as we are not able to preassign an order in which they will tryout.  Once your player has completed their tryout you may leave.  The gym will be very busy the entire day and we do not have the space for players to hang around to play or be there unsupervised.  There will not be another day for Assessments if your player is not present on October 14.  ALSO- THERE WILL BE NO ONSITE REGISTRATIONS.  ONLY PLAYERS WHO HAVE PREREGISTERED BY OCTOBER 7 WILL BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ASSESSMENTS.

We understand that some players may have other committments that day with other fall sports.  If a player can not come to assessments then they will be placed on a team based on the self evaluation on the registration form and the knowledge of the coaches. 

Please come into the gym in Building C (the large gray building towards the back of campus).  Enter through the doors near the playground.  Two tryout areas will be active all day.  As you walk in and are facing the stage, Court 1 will be on the left and Court 2 will be on the right.  Your player should check in at the table in the middle to receive a numbered jersey to wear for tryouts only.  At the league's assigned time, a Board Member will gather all players in that league to line up and begin a 5 minute 3 vs 3 scrimmage in front of the coaches for that league.  Once your player's scrimmage is over they should return the jersey to the appropriate area and then they may leave.  Your coach will contact you within 3 days of the draft to discuss further steps.

Time                    Court 1 (Left Side)                    Court 2 (Right Side)

9:00-9:30                                                                Girls 11-13

9:30-10:30           COED 6-8                                   Girls 9-10

10:30-Noon          Boys 7-8                                     Boys 9-10

12:30-2:00            Boys 11-12                                 Boys 13-14