Broncos of the Week

Week Ending Saturday, January 29

UpdatedWednesday February 2, 2022 byPaul Bishop.

CONGRATULATIONS to these BRONCOS OF THE WEEK for week ending, Saturday, 01.29:

Gabriel Henville from Team Ligon #7 is the Bronco of the Week for Boys 8U.  "Gabe is always ready to play each game and practice and has a positive attitude." - Coach Jared Ligon

Abe Michael from Team Bishop #20 is our Sportsmanship Bronco of the Week for Boys 18U.  "Abe consistently displays a positive attitude toward his team-mates as well as the opposing team during scrimmages and games." - Coach Paul Bishop

Stone Bonner from Team Bishop #20 is our Bronco of the Week for Boys 18U.  Stone had 11 points in the game on Saturday, 01.30.  "Stone exhibits leadership on his team by the way he communicates with his team-mates and is unselfish with the ball.  Stone showcases his athletic ability by moving without the ball, finding soft places on the court, scoring, rebounding and good defense." - Coach Paul Bishop